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About Us

Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) is the local nonprofit arts and culture agency that enhances the city’s quality of life through advancing and investing in the arts and diverse cultural programming. The work of HAA encourages Houston’s development and shapes its global reputation by fostering tourism and supporting and promoting the city’s creative economy.

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Public Art

Creating public spaces for civic and cultural use requires artists, designers, architects, and the community to collaborate. By actively fostering these partnerships, both public and private, HAA’s Civic Art + Design program initiates, manages, and maintains public artworks throughout Houston. It serves a vital role as catalyst for change that generates a culturally relevant and rich environment for residents and visitors alike.

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Folklife + Civic Engagement

Houston Arts Alliance’s Folklife + Civic Engagement program identifies and honors the artistic and cultural traditions of the city’s tremendously diverse and various communities and works to address the needs of all residents through engagement, citizen-driven initiatives, and equitable community outcomes. The Folklife program has been in existence since 2010. The addition of Civic Engagement to its portfolio was enacted through an HAA bylaws change in 2016.

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Grants are a fundamental means of promoting excellence in the creative sector. On behalf of the City of Houston, HAA awards approximately 225 grants annually to nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and individual artists through a competitive grant allocation process.

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Capacity Building

Houston Arts Alliance provides voice and leadership through its support of arts organizations and individual artists with programs and services that help build and foster a vibrant and creative community—these programs and services help to ensure that the arts professionals’ creative contributions remain a vital part of community life across Houston and the region.

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Houston Arts Alliance continues to play an important role in arts and culture research projects, initiating and participating in studies that demonstrate the far-reaching impact of arts and culture on our economy and quality of life.

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Get Involved

Looking for a way to lend a hand? Investing in the arts and culture is an investment in the quality of life for all Houstonians. Join Houston Arts Alliance as a donor, member or volunteer!

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Houston Arts Alliance utilizes different vehicles to communicate with it diverse audiences, ranging from the city’s arts and culture community to residents to tourists. Find out more about HAA’s electronic newsletters and connect with us through social media. Our online Press Room provides resources for members of the media.

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November 8, 2016

Houston, TX (November 8, 2016) – Houston artist Ed Wilson’s Soaring In The Clouds, an artwork commissioned for the interior of the George R. Brown Convention Center is complete. Last spring, Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) awarded Wilson $830,000 to produce a large-scale work of art as part of the convention center’s major renovation. The now completed hanging sculpture will be one of the most visible aspects of the renovation, showing its character in the ever-changing profile based on the variance of light, both natural and staged. Soaring In The Clouds is a 67-foot mobile of bird and cloud forms made of perforated stainless steel, suspended from the ceiling and dramatically lit with colorful, changing LED theater lights. More than 200 individual forms, each molded and shaped by hand using a pneumatic press designed by the artist, hang from cables on the ceiling and move with the airflow in the building. Wilson collaborated with renowned theatrical lighting designer Christina Gianelli. Engineering was provided by Kelly O’Brien.

Ed Wilson has deep roots in our community and hopes that Soaring In The Clouds will speak to all Houstonians.  “Public art requires a different type of creative thinking,” said Wilson. “The goal was to create a piece that can activate such a big space, and that appeals to everyone who visits the area—inside or outside the building.”

“When Houston First set out to create a new, long term plan for the George R. Brown, public art was an integral part of that re-envisioning effort,” said David Mincberg, chairman of Houston First. “The goal was to incorporate dramatic pieces of art that would help tell the story of Houston and bring character and life to this building.  We believe the incredibly vibrant sculpture that Ed Wilson has created will do just that. Soaring In The Clouds will be visible from the Avenida, Discovery Green and around the entire convention district, serving as a centerpiece and inviting people into this building like never before.”

Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) and Houston First were pleased to offer this size of commission and this level of prominence to one of Houston’s acclaimed artists. “This is truly an iconic piece; we are grateful for his extraordinary gifts,” said Jonathon Glus, president and CEO of HAA. “It embodies the natural environment of Houston and the city’s sense of purpose and progress.”


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