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About Us

Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) is the local nonprofit arts and culture agency that enhances the city’s quality of life through advancing and investing in the arts and diverse cultural programming. The work of HAA encourages Houston’s development and shapes its global reputation by fostering tourism and supporting and promoting the city’s creative economy.

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Public Art

Creating public spaces for civic and cultural use requires artists, designers, architects, and the community to collaborate. By actively fostering these partnerships, both public and private, HAA’s Civic Art + Design program initiates, manages, and maintains public artworks throughout Houston. It serves a vital role as catalyst for change that generates a culturally relevant and rich environment for residents and visitors alike.

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Folklife + Civic Engagement

Houston Arts Alliance’s Folklife + Civic Engagement program identifies and honors the artistic and cultural traditions of the city’s tremendously diverse and various communities and works to address the needs of all residents through engagement, citizen-driven initiatives, and equitable community outcomes. The Folklife program has been in existence since 2010. The addition of Civic Engagement to its portfolio was enacted through an HAA bylaws change in 2016.

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Grants are a fundamental means of promoting excellence in the creative sector. On behalf of the City of Houston, HAA awards approximately 225 grants annually to nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and individual artists through a competitive grant allocation process.

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Capacity Building

Houston Arts Alliance provides voice and leadership through its support of arts organizations and individual artists with programs and services that help build and foster a vibrant and creative community—these programs and services help to ensure that the arts professionals’ creative contributions remain a vital part of community life across Houston and the region.

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Houston Arts Alliance continues to play an important role in arts and culture research projects, initiating and participating in studies that demonstrate the far-reaching impact of arts and culture on our economy and quality of life.

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Get Involved

Looking for a way to lend a hand? Investing in the arts and culture is an investment in the quality of life for all Houstonians. Join Houston Arts Alliance as a donor, member or volunteer!

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Houston Arts Alliance utilizes different vehicles to communicate with it diverse audiences, ranging from the city’s arts and culture community to residents to tourists. Find out more about HAA’s electronic newsletters and connect with us through social media. Our online Press Room provides resources for members of the media.

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As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) is a public-private initiative that leverages public investment in the arts with private contributions, foundations, and government grants.

Our primary partner is the City of Houston. Approximately 55% of HAA’s budget comes from Hotel Occupancy Tax and 30% from the City of Houston’s Percent for Art Program, which supports commissions of new civic art projects as well as conservation of existing artworks. The remaining 15% of HAA’s budget comes from private fundraising (grants/contributions/other revenue) for programs and special projects. HAA is committed to raising funds for only those projects and initiatives that HAA is uniquely positioned to provide the community.

We appreciate our visionary patrons who are committed to advancing Houston as an arts and cultural city. Champion the arts with a donation today!


We gratefully acknowledge and thank the following donors for their support of Houston Arts Alliance in advancing the nonprofits arts and culture in Houston. To view our contributors, select a donor group below.



The following entities have made generous financial gifts or in-kind donations between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.

City of Houston Council
Office of the Mayor, City of Houston
National Endowment for the Arts
Texas Commission on the Arts


The following companies have made generous financial gifts or in-kind donations between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.

Albertson's Safeway, Inc.
Amegy Bank
Arts Brookfield
Bank of America
BBVA Compass
W.S. Bellows Construction Corp.
Cadence Bancorp, LCC
Cameron Management
Excargo Services
Goldstar Events, Inc.
Greenberg Traurig
Houston Grand Opera Productions, Inc.
Houston First Corporation
JP Morgan Chase
KROGER - Community Rewards
McConnell Jones Lanier & Murphy, LLP
Merrill Lynch / Kirby Hayes Dennison Team
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
PatronManager, LLC
Southwest Airlines
Trustmark National Bank
Wulfe & Co., Inc.


The following foundations have made generous financial gifts between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.

The Alkek and Williams Foundation
Anchorage Foundation of Texas
The GreenTree Fund
Houston Endowment, Inc.
The Meadows Foundation
Mortimer & Mimi Levit Foundation
Scurlock Foundation


The following individuals have made generous financial gifts or in-kind donations between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.

Edward and Chinhui Allen
Lauren Anderson
Philamena and Arthur Baird
Alnoor and Laila Bandali
Shahzad Bashir
Mohammad Ali Bhatti
Leslie and Jack Blanton, Jr.
Minnette and Peter Boesel
Nana Booker
Zarine and Meherwan Boyce
Eric Bradley
Mona L. Brocchini
Peter H. Brown
Brad and Leslie Bucher
Carolina Buitrago
Cheryl and Sam Byington, III
Jereann Chaney
Felix Chevalier
Phyllis Childress
John B. Connally, IV
C.C. Conner and David Groover
Adam Cook
Lucia and Michael Cordua
Janet Coy
Susie and Sanford Criner
Joanne Crull
Maryam Davari
Minal and Anthony O. Davis
June O'Neill and Timothy Desmond 
M. Kaye DeWalt
Gary Dowling
Melinda Snell and David S. Elder
Abimbola Farinde
Julie Fischer
Jan and William Fitzgibbon, Ph.D.
Stephanie Lai and David Flores
Mark Folkes
Cece and Michael Fowler
Charles and Mary Anne Fried
Jo and Jim Furr
Karen and Roland Garcia
Regina Garcia
Margo Geddie
Kerry and George M. Gerachis
Jonathon D. Glus and Alton LaDay
Melanie Lawson and John F. Guess, Jr.
Merrill and Joseph A. Hafner, Jr.
Sunny and Mac Haik
Susan Hairston
Karen J. Hartnett and George S. Gayle, III
Patrick Hickey
Yvette and Scott Hill
Langley Ho
Clara Hoag
Janet and Paul Hobby
Douglas M. Horn
Jill and Dunham Jewett
Carole C. Johnston
Sara Kellner
Kay Kemp
Anne L. Kinder
Jennifer King
Jodie King
Cindee and Curtis J. Klement
Stephen Klineberg
Mathew Knowles and Gena Avery-Knowles
Katherine Krause
Dillon A. Kyle and Sam Lasseter
David LaDuca
George C. Lancaster
Karen Lee
William C. Lipscomb
Kimberly Lloyd
Pasha Luminus
Summer Lydick
Lester Marks and Penelope Gonzalez Marks
Mike Marvins
Tatiana and Craig Massey
Fatima and Amin Mawji
Dean McGee and Isabel Garcia-McGee
Ed McMahon
Debbie McNulty
Peter R. McStravick, Jr.
Adan Medrano and Richard Jimenez
Marc Melcher
Trini Mendenhall
Ginni and Richard Mithoff
Chandra Mittal
Marsha L. Montemayor
Sara and Bill Morgan
Gigi Myung
David Ness
Betty and Stephen Newton
Judy and Scott Nyquist
Patricia B. Oliver
Susan and Edward Osterberg
Kate Ostrow-Yadan and Judah Yadan
Phyllis Parker
Shelly Power
Alie and David Pruner
Colleen Reilly
Carolyn and James Robertson
Beverly and Howard Robinson
Julia and Will Robinson
Regina Rogers
John Rolfe
Boris Rubashkin
Sunila and Randhir Sahni
Susan D. Sarofim
Joyce and Arthur L. Schechter
Richard Schechter
Cissy Segall Davis and Marty Davis
Paulina Sergot and Theodore Shybut
Craig Shumaker
Barrett Sides
Jasbir Singh
Scott Slifer
Reginald and Leigh Smith
Anita and Gerald B. Smith
Stephanie K. Smither
Susan Speck
Paula Sutton and Bill Gross
Robert Tartell
Jacqueline and William Taylor III
Emily L. Todd
Lynda Transier
Terri and Mike Turner
Sarah Valenti
Birgitt Van Wijk
Anna Vlada
Bridget and Patrick Wade
Mark Wawro and Ms. Melanie Gray
Lea Weingarten
Fabené J. Welch
David A. White
Jeffrey Williams
Joanne G. Wilson
Geraldina and Scott W. Wise
Tara and David J. Wuthrich


The following donors have made generous financial gifts or in-kind donations between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.

Houston Pilots
Humanities Texas
Ismaili Council for the Southwestern United States
McClain Gallery
Montrose Management District
University of Houston – Moores School of Music

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